Creating Calmness In Your Life

Book an appointment today and begin planting the seeds to a better life. We offer a deep relaxing hypnosis session that can help you to eliminate the blocks that are holding you back from fully enjoying life.

We also offer calm, healing Reiki sessions for body, mind and spirit...

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West Coast Hypnotic Healing Centre

Amanda Branscombe MH., C.Ht.
IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

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The West Coast Hypnotic Healing Centre

Feeling stuck and need a hand?

Hypnotherapy can help you make positive changes that are lasting.

Hypnosis is a very safe and natural state to be in.

You actually enter hypnosis multiple times a day without even realizing it!

Start making those changes today and give yourself the gift of healing...

You deserve it!

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